Society Sport

Want to represent a sports team but don’t want the hassle of competing in trials? At the Investment Society, we have a number of different sporting opportunities available. We welcome all levels of playing experience!

We have a football team competing in the Campus 6-a-side League. This is open to new players (provided you are selected in the weekly line up). We also run a social Sunday football game: an opportunity for players of all abilities to play a friendly game and showcase their skills. A good performance on Sunday could land you a place in the league team! To get involved with the football, just leave us a message and we can add you our InvestSoc FC group chat.

Are you interested in playing netball? We are looking to start a netball team in the Campus League. Contact us if you are interested so we can get an idea of numbers for a future team.

Do you have an idea of another sport you want to play with the Investment Society? Contact us and we would be happy to arrange something if enough people agree!

Stay tuned for more sports news!

Contact us via email at investment@guild.bham.uk or message us on one of our social media platforms by 28th September at 5PM for each and we will be in touch.