Money. Make the most and win, simple. This year we are running two investing competitions separately from the Alpha Fund. This means anyone can take part regardless of investment intellect or degree discipline. The first competition is short-term and has begun now (find details below). Short-term technical trading strategies on volatile securities may be your best bet! The second will be long-term starting in November and will end on the last day of the second semester. Look out for our weekly newsletters and follow us on social media to keep updated with start times. 

Worried you don't know enough to take part? Here are a few things to help you out.

  • Attend our Investing 101 sessions where we teach you how to choose and value securities

  • We are running a Technical Analysis 101 session to help with the shorter time frame competition

  • Read! We have a society recommended reading list that will help broaden your investment knowledge. Start reading the Financial Times which is free with the university. Click here for instructions

  • Complete Bloomberg's Educational course on financial markets for FREE. Sign up here with your university email. It is mandatory for all Alpha Fund Analysts to complete this course


Please note that this is live now!

Dates: 09/11/21 to 01/01/21

The November to January InvestSoc Competition is here! Not only can you trade stocks but also forex, funds, crypto, commodities etc (with real world values for leverage but also having interest applied to the loans you take! for a hyper-realistic investing competition). Day Trading and Short Selling are both allowed and all portfolios are also made public. 

Each user will start with $100k and trade their way up. The winner is the person with the highest portfolio balance at the end of the competition.


1st Place: £25 Amazon Voucher

2nd Place: Investment Society Waterbottle and City Career Series Handbook

3rd Place: Investment Society Notebook

Please note that you must be a member to take part and to win. Membership is just £3 for the entire year and you can get your membership here.

To join the competition click here!

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