The Alpha Fund

Fund Manager - Connor Colenso (MSc Mathematical Finance)

After the fantastic effort of last years Alpha Fund Manager, Ethan Diamond (BSc Mathematics with a Year in Computer Science), the 2020-2021 fund has outperformed the FTSE 100 benchmark by 65%. Recruitment, training, teamwork and diversity of thought were key to the fund's success. This year the Alpha fund will again be virtual (which means no real money at risk), and will allow you to put your skills to the test! We adopt a fundamental-driven, bottom-up approach that considers both individual company analysis and industry-level dynamics. We will again use the CANSLIM method of picking stocks. Read more about it here. You can read the full prospectus for the Alpha fund here.

You Should Apply If

- You have a strong passion and genuine curiosity for investing

- You are a committed and organised team player

-You are someone who likes an exciting challenge

An outline of the application process

  • Send us your CV + 150-word cover letter here

  • In your cover letter, include your reasons for applying and why you think you are suitable for this role. Applications close on 31st December 23:59 BST


The Alpha fund will begin on the 10th of February 2022 with an introductory session and an analysis of several "What if" scenarios in finance. Sessions after this will occur every other week, e.g. the next session after this will be on the 24th of February.